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Tissue factor

tissue factor Tissue factor, also known as blood coagulation factor III, is a transmembrane protein  that is important for blood clotting (1). Tissue factor can bind coagulation factor VII, resulting in the activation of its protease activity and leading to fibrin clot … Continue reading

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Entry into the age of genes

This blog post is about trying to understand what goes wrong in Alzheimer disease. I want to start the story 100 years ago… In 1911 Thomas Morgan began the task of locating genes along the length of chromosomes. 100 years later, … Continue reading

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Arsenic trioxide

I previously mentioned that arsenic is a carcinogen, but arsenic trioxide is an FDA-approved drug used for the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia. How does arsenic trioxide function to control the growth of some cancerous cells? A signal transduction pathway that … Continue reading

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