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Journal Club

I’m trying to establish a more formal system for a “journal club”, but for now we can use this blog. [Update, Spring 2012, see this journal club page.] This blog post starts the “journal club”. “Journal club” means that participants will each … Continue reading

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Vesicular monoamine transporter

The previous blog post mentioned the idea that dopamine (DA) can regulate the extent of gap junction coupling between neurons. In Parkinson disease there is loss of dopamine-producing neurons (neurodegeneration) and one pharmacological approach to improving motor control is to … Continue reading

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Gap junctions in the brain

Most connections between neurons are chemical synapses, but there are also gap junctions in the brain. Gap junctions between neurons have been particularly well studied for inhibitory interneurons. For example, the diagram here (to the right) shows gap junctions between … Continue reading

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Gas Channels

The previous blog post was about ammonia channels. Ammonia is a gas, and we can ask: under what conditions do cells use gas-conducting channels? When ammonia (NH3) dissolves in water it is usually converted to ammonium ion (NH4+). However, our … Continue reading

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Ammonia transport

Humans have a small group of genes in the Mep/Amt/Rh family, including one that codes for the Rhesus blood group antigen, RhD (RHD). The RhD protein is best known for causing erythroblastosis fetalis. Women who lack the RhD protein can produce antibodies … Continue reading

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Urea Channels

Several urea transport proteins have been identified in humans, including the products of the SLC14A1 and SLC14A2 genes. Study of urea transmembrane transport processes had suggested relatively fast transport kinetics, indicative of channel proteins that can conduct a stream of urea … Continue reading

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Membrane Transport of Phosphorus and Arsenic

At the end of November, NASA announced “an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life“. The “finding” was experimental evidence suggesting discovery in Mono Lake of “A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead … Continue reading

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