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Protein Kinase M and LTP

My previous blog post was also about LTP: long-term potentiation of synapses. Here, the topic is what has been called late-LTP (L-LTP), a strengthening of synapses that can last for months in the hippocampus of laboratory animals. Molecular and cellular … Continue reading

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Presynaptic Endocannabinoid-initiated LTP

“LTP” is long-term potentiation, a type of synaptic plasticity found in the hippocampus that is involved in episodic memory storage. A recent research article reports on the mechanism by which endocannabinoid signaling affects the induction of hippocampal long-term potentiation (LTP). … Continue reading

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Narrated PowerPoint Presentations

I previously blogged about using ProfCast to add audio narration to PowerPoint presentations. I had better results recording audio using the internal microphone of a Macintosh than the internal microphone of an HP laptop, but I was left wanting to … Continue reading

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I finally used ProfCast software to add audio tracks to PowerPoint presentations. ProfCast recording interface This image (to the right) shows the ProfCast interface after drag/drop of the “Diffusion and Osmosis problem 1” PowerPoint presentation into the ProfCast window. Here is … Continue reading

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Medical Student Bridge Program

I had a chance to observe the University of Arizona Medical Student Bridge Program. We would like to start a similar program at SCNM in order to help “nontraditional” medical students get ready for their first quarter of medical school. … Continue reading

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Team-Based Learning

The Conference on Team-Based Learning in Higher Education was held March 2-4, 2011. On Tuesday there was an introductory session about the fundamentals of what constitutes a Team-Based Learning (TBL) session. I learned that it is a normal part of many … Continue reading

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