P19 cell sorting-out

P19 cell sorting-out

I was still in school when the ras and src transforming genes were identified as oncogenes.

I became interested in the idea that oncogenes might be useful tools for controlling the differentiation neural stem cells and that led to investigation of the regulation of cadherin-mediated cell adhesion by tyrosine phosphorylation.

Later, I had a chance to learn about hormone-induced carcinogenesis. Given my past interest in cancer biology, and the high incidence and costs of cancer (causes of death), I have a tendency to mention cancer biology in many blog posts, even where some other topic is the main topic.

Here is a guide to cancer-related blog posts:

Image. Two populations of P19 cells were mixed. The normal cells (green) and the vSRC-expressing cells (red) sorted-out due to differences in their cell adhesion proteins.


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