Brain scan

Brain scan

This blog is for discussion of biology research. I tried to name this blog Medical Physiology but that name was already taken. Most topics here are related to medicine and I have a special interest in neurobiology, so this blog is called  “medicalneurophys”. However, my biology interests are broad, so in reality anything about living organisms is fair game!

Almost always we can relate a particular disease to specific cellular processes and molecules. Where possible we want to understand human physiology, but often we must make use of non-human experimental animals for research.

This is an education-oriented blog, so feel free to ask questions or provide related information/links. If you want to contribute and add your own blog posts here, let me know.

John Schmidt

Major topic areas for this blog:

There is also a list of genes, protein and RNAs that are discussed in this blog.

Also, once in a while I will blog about medical school education.

Image credits. Mark Lythgoe & Chloe Hutton, Wellcome Images (available under Creative Commons by-nc-nd)

Sharing. All text that I write in this blog is in the public domain. Most of the images are not mine and I try to remember to put a note in the image caption or at the bottom of each blog post linking back to the source of each image that is not my own.

I’m an employee of SCNM . The views expressed on this blog are the mine alone and do not represent the views of SCNM.




Freeing didactic lectures from monotony with a mid-lecture presentation unrelated to the original lecture

Utilizing Molecular Details of the Pain System to Illustrate Biochemical Principles


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