I finally used ProfCast software to add audio tracks to PowerPoint presentations.

screenshot of ProfCast interface
ProfCast recording interface

This image (to the right) shows the ProfCast interface after drag/drop of the “Diffusion and Osmosis problem 1” PowerPoint presentation into the ProfCast window. Here is a link to the PowerPoint pptx file:

Diffusion and Osmosis problem 1

While you use ProfCast to record audio for the presentation, it creates PNG image files for each slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

Slide count and status

Slide count and status

ProfCast will also save an audio file. The audio format is ADTS. You can save your combined images and audio as an m4a format podcast or as a QuickTime movie (.mov) file.

Audio input for HP 6450b

Default audio input for HP 6450b

I started recording audio for the Diffusion & Osmosis problem set with the default settings and internal microphone on an HP 6450b.

For an alternative way to record audio, I used the Macintosh GarageBand application and the built-in microphone on a Apple iMac. Here is a screenshot of the podcasting interface for GarageBand:


GarageBand podcasting interface









In the image above, you can see how GarageBand lets you work with multiple image and audio tracks. The image track for the podcast is at the top (Podcast Track). I used the “Male Voice” track to record my narration for the PowerPoint slides. I also used a music track (Jingles) to add in a musical transition between each image.

My goal was to make movie files for upload to YouTube, so I exported my audio from GarageBand and made QuickTime movies using Apple’s iMovie application. Here (below) is the first two movie (YouTube playlist). The movie has audio that was recorded  by an iMac.

I’ll probably be satisfied to just use GarageBand and the built-in iMac microphone for recording audio, but I wonder if I could get significantly better quality voice recordings by using a headset.

I have some background noise (hiss) when recording my voice audio if both the iMac and the HP laptop are running. I used the GarageBand noise filter to remove some of the background noise:

Noise reduction in GarageBand

Noise reduction in GarageBand

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